Street Art, Croft Alley Melbourne. Photo by Kerrin O'Sullivan

Selected Works

Bridges over quiet waters  
4 March 2017 - The Weekend Australian Travel and Indulgence

The moment I hear the evocative name the locals use for their river, O Rio dos Poetas, it sounds so romantic that I just have to book a 50-minute boat trip along this so-called River of Poets, the Mondego. It courses through historic Coimbra in central Portugal, the country’s former capital,the birthplace of six kings and the seat of the oldest university.

A Macau Baker’s Delight  
9 February 2014 - The Sunday Age M Travel

My obsession with Portugese tarts begins by chance. Escaping a Melbourne thunderstorm, I take refuge in a Fitzroy deli. In pride of place, amongst bottles of piri piri sauce and tinned bacalhau cod, are baked pasteis de nata - little egg tarts with flaky pastry and sweet gooey centres. It’s the beginning of a beautiful romance.